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A corner helps to make kids environmentally friendly. Kids, If you want to look after the environment and want to do your bit for the planet then this Corner is for you.


Recycling Guide: Plastic, Glass, Metal, Paper and More

Recycling guidelines varying by geography and municipality and putting the right item in the right bin is not always so easy. These tips help you to seperate and put the items in right bin.The more you learn about recycling, the more you will appreciate how it can help to keep our earth clean.

Saap Sidi

Saap Sidi for kids Click here

Test your knowledge How much you love the environment?

These 10 questions will test how well you love and understand the environment It helps you to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Click here

Maze: What do you want plastic or Eco-friendly life?

CERC-ENVIS present interesting game MAZE for kids, in this game kids have to find out what they want plastic or eco-friendly life. Read here

Eco friendly activity in summer

Summer vacation is the happiest moments for kids all to get a long break from the daily hectic life of school and school work. Young champs, now you have a long vacation and a lot of free time. It is the time of simple pleasure and excitements. Read here

Say no to plastic: Take a survey

There are many alternatives to plastic bags such as cotton, linen and canvas bags. We are conducting a survey on awareness and willingness to commit to using less plastic bags in their everyday life. Please answer these questions and help Clean Up Your Area to Bag Yourself A Better Environment by simply filling out this form over 1 week.


Say no to plastic Survey – Gujarati


Say no to plastic Survey – English

Game: Plastic and ladders

Snakes and Ladder is one of the most popular family board games. Just like this game, play the game “Plastic and Ladder.” Roll the dice and try your luck! Ladders will take you up, but Plastic will take you down! It gives you message Plastics are not good for us and the environment.

Plastic Use Audit

How much plastic do we consume? In this activity, students design an investigation and conduct an audit of waste (trash and recycling) at home or in their schools to discover the types and quantities of plastics that are consumed. They use their findings to raise awareness about which items show up most frequently. Then they conduct a follow-up audit and provide information on whether increased awareness influenced people’s behaviors with regard to plastic use.


Give us your feedback and tell us your further action. We will raise your voice and publish/upload on this website.

Crossword Puzzle on waste

Find the words related to waste in the crossword puzzle. It is very easy to find out. This will make you aware and can help you to know the terminology.


If you have difficulty, check out the hint given at the end.

Poster for World Wetlands Day

Fill the Colours in poster for World Wetlands Day

Kids for Saving Earth

A song about how to be environmentally friendly and save our planet Kids Song

Eco friendly Diwali

We are grown up on the lap of the wonderful nature and are blessed with the gifts of nature. It is our primary and most important duty to understand the significance and spirit of the traditional Diwali celebrations. Lets celebrate Eco – friendly Diwali:


Do you know about Ozone Day?

The ozone day is celebrated every year on 16th September as "International Dayfor Preservation of Ozone Layer" to inspire people around the globe to become active about the environment. Each year the United Nations picks a theme "Caring for all life under the Sun" where environmental issues can be discussed, followed by different kinds of exhibits and displays to promote environmental awareness.


Click here to know about Ozone and Ozone Layer.


United Nations Environment Programme created beautiful Videos


Ozzy Ozone - (English)

ओजी ओजोन - (हिन्दी)

Montreal Protocol Achievement (English)

Montreal Protocol and the SDGs (English)

The Hole (English)

UN Environment-chief (English)


Ozone Cells created Ozone Awareness Film


Mother (English)

मां - (हिन्दी)

Fish (English)

मछली (हिन्दी)


United Nations Environment Programme created beautiful song


ओजोन परत क्या है?


What is Ozone Layer? - English


Ozone Song - English


Let’s learn how to make ecofriendly Ganesh at home.

We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with grand enthusiasm and delight every year. We generally bring Lord Ganpati made up of POP, which impact an adverse effect on the environment. Let us take pledge to save our environment and use eco-friendly materials only to make idol and non-toxic colours for decorations. Let’s learn how to make ecofriendly Ganesh at home.

Do you know about World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to inspire people around the globe to become active about the environment. Each year the United Nations picks a theme and a host city where environmental issues can be discussed, followed by different kinds of exhibits and displays to promote environmental awareness. Click here to know how to celebrate the theme 2017.

Do you want to know till date past year’s theme and host cities?

Recycling helps save the planet

Did you know that recycling helps save the planet from things like global warming and rubbish? That’s right, by recycling things such as food packets and old toys; you are reducing the amount that gets put into the rubbish bin. This is a very good thing because rubbish is full of nasty bugs that spread diseases and gases that increase global warming. Want to know How?

Environment for children : Animation Movies

Raghu and other little angels : It is on the theme Not to pollute environment : How




Little Swati solves a big problem : It is on the theme Not to pollute environment : How


Do the Earth a favour. Be an energy saver

Using less energy has lots of benefits – you can save money and help the environment. This guide shows you how easy it is to cut your energy use at home. How you can Reuse, Recycle and Reduce your trash.

Climate Change: Do we care if Earth is getting warmer?

Global climate is the average climate over the entire planet. And the reason scientists and folks like you are concerned is that Earth’s global climate is changing.


Science Express - Climate Action Special (SECAS) : Handout


Science Express Climate Action Special Film

Ways to become Environment Friendly

Everyone who practices eco-friendly living is contributing to the sustainability of our environment in some amount. To make the greatest difference, encourage as many others as possible to help in conservation, recycling, and awareness practices. Find the ways:


Ways to become Environment Friendly


26 ways your kids can help protect the environment!


10 Ways to Teach Children Eco-Friendly Habits


10 Ways to Save Paper and Be More Environmentally Friendly


Recycling as easy as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 !!? How to help kids to recycle plastics


8 Environmentally-Friendly Actions Your Kids Can Take 
Amusing, resourceful, and informative websites
Kids Go Green…..


Eco Friendly Kids is all about kids and their environment. Containing a wealth of information, tips, quizzes and fun games for children, this site is ideal for parents who want to share in their kids' adventures as they start to explore the natural world, and to guide them towards a more in-depth understanding of ecological issues as they grow older. At the same time, the resources on this site are equally suitable for use by schools as a basis for classroom lessons, project work and eco club activities. Click to know more.....


Ecokids- Canada’s Environmental Destinations for Kids is Earth Day Canada’s environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. It offers interactive, fun, educational games and activities that utilize participants’ willingness to learn. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions, make decisions, get involved and understand the impact their own actions have on the environment.


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) website The Green Squad shows how to identify and solve environmental problems. Explore a colorful virtual school room by room, and use the mouse to locate potential hazards. Site offers a wide range of fact sheets and environmental resources. This Interactive Website helps students to recognize common environmental problems where they study and play. NRDC in collaboration with the Healthy Schools Network, helps kids learn to spot and avoid, and even help fix, environmental and health problems in their own schools.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Global Warming Kids Site focuses on science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address global warming.. Educational but not overwhelming, the site provides definitions of each scientific term used and features simple global warming-themed games. Focuses on science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address global warming.


The US Department of Energy’s website Kids Saving Energy features fun educational content for kids, parents, and teachers. Kids can learn about energy and challenge their brains with energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, and the new "Energy Sliders" game. Teachers can submit energy lesson plans, share their expertise and get chosen as contributor of the month. The site also features energy-related stories, hands-on activities, and research articles for the classroom.


Click on any section of Recycle City that you want to tour, or click on the Dumptown Game. You can create your own Recycle City scavenger hunt or go to the Activities area and see other ways you can explore Recycle City. A great way for kids to learn the basics of recycling. US EPA site for students that shows what happens to garbage and why recycling is important.

Eco books

Consumer Education and Research Centre(CERC), with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) created interactive booklets with stories and worksheets for children on environmental issues. The goal is to bring awareness to children regarding their environment and resources and how to avoid misuse and wastage of natural resources.


Harit and Churni save Patangpore


This is the story of two siblings who are going to see their Dadaji’s old house along with their dada - dadi and parents. It is an excited journey for them because they will take a train, and a bus, and then a boat down the river that joins the sea. It is a down memory lane for all of them where they had played in as child-Patangpore, a village on the Sunderbans Delta. The booklet has narrated the experience of Harit and Churni with beautiful illustrations. At the end it gives the information on global warming and Do-it-yourself activities and puzzles.  Want to know more?



Munni Finds Four – Footed Friend


This is a story of a little girl who was always reluctant to go to her grandparents’ house whenever her parents were out of India for their jobs. But this time she did a lot of fun with her grandpa when she walked through Nature. She never thought it would be so great. Do you want to know HOW? She will tell all about it.


Kirthi brings joy to Santoshpuri


This is a story of a foolish guy who could not keep up with modern innovations. His name KillJoy is very appropriate to his character. One day he blocked the supply of electricity and it affected the day to day life of citizens of Santoshpuri. Kirthi who was wise and hero of Santoshpuri handled KillJoy intelligently and solved the problem. He changed the views of Killjoy and transformed him to a sensible man. Do you want to know HOW?

DIY Activities for kids

Finding safe and fun projects for children to engage in at home is not always the easiest of tasks, but these DIY activities for kids are sure to keep them busy and educate them how to be environment friendly.


Best from waste


How to reuse newspaper in CREATIVE WAY


Creative ways to reuse plastic bottles


Seed Paper - Paper that blooms into flowers

Tips to save environment and be eco friendly

Follow these to save environment and be eco friendly.

Green Glossary

The Environment is the world around us. Want to know some terms of the environment…..


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