| Last Updated:: 01/07/2020

This section deals with environmental issues pertaining to environmental- friendly practices pertaining to international and universal applications.It contains different case studies that analyze how local and national developments have either successfully implemented sustainable principles or encountered obstacles that prevented the implementation of sustainable principles.

The False Promise of Certification

The report sheds light on industry-specific issues related to environmental impacts of certification schemes and voluntary initiatives in fisheries, palm oil and textiles sectors. Read to know more…False Promise of Certification

Greenwashing in India: A Darker Side of Green Marketing

In the race of bridging the gap between the green consumers demand and their supply, some are quite keen in adopting the practice of greenwashing. Thus, establishing the fact the generation of revenue is given more priority to business ethics. The research paper investigates the effect of greenwashing by taking up four cases and unveils the darker side of green marketing and the sins the organizations are committing by dint of this evil practice.Read to know more…Greenwashing in India

Green washing in India an alarming issue: misleading and deceptive environmental claims in advertising

This research paper exclusively focus on alarming emergence of green washing, forms of green washing , reasons of growing green washing & signs and sins of green washing which may be helpful for our consumers to know about the green wash products. Read to know more… Environmental claims in advertising

Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining in Southern Africa: Fair accountability or just greenwash?

Brief case studies of mining in South Africa and Zambia suggest that there are still important gaps between mining companies’ CSR activities, on the one hand, and accountability and fairness, on the other. Read to know more…Corporate Social Responsibility in Mining

Economic and environmental analysis of the wine bottle production in Spain by means of life cycle assessment

Through the LCA, energy, material requirements and wastes are identified and are evaluated identifying the processes with the higher improvement potential. Finally, the report has the innovative solutions implemented for the eco-efficient wine production are described and analysed. Read to know more… Life Cycle Assessment