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World Ozone Day - 2021

On the Occasion of World Ozone Day, Consumer Education and Research Centre, MoEF&CC's Environmental Information System, Resource Partner on 'Environment Literacy- Eco-labeling & Eco-friendly Products' in collaboration with Government Arts & Commerce College, Jafrabad is conducting an webinar on Responsible Consumption. The objective is to create awareness on significance of ozone layer and sustainable consumption among college students and seminar on 'Role of Voluntary Consumer Organizations in Sustainable Consumption & Healthy Lifestyle' and a webinar on 'Responsible Consumption' . During the seminar & Webinar, significance of ozone layer, Ozone Treaties, SDGs related to Ozone layer, significance of Montreal protocol were explained to the audience.

Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi - 2021

CERC ENVIS celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in an Eco-friendly way to promote green festivals. During the celebration, we distributed seed (Tulsi) balls among the staff. We have also prepared a poster on 'Tips to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi'

Eco-friendly/ Homemade Rakhi - 2021

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, CERC ENVIS conducteed a workshop on 'Making of eco-friendly/ Homemade Rakhi'. The objective was to promote the celebration of the festival in an environment friendly way.

Van Mahotsav - 2021

Plantation by CERC ENVIS Team on the occasion of Van Mahotsav

World Environment Day - 2021

Consumer Education and Research Centre, MoEF&CC’s ENVIS’s Resource Partner on 'Environment Literacy- Eco-labelling and Eco-friendly products' is conducting a webinar on 'Restoration of Ecosystem’ on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021.On the eve of World Environment Day, 5th June, 2021, CERC - ENVIS RP conducted a Webinar on "Restoration of Ecosystem". Dr. Shahenaz Jadeja and Shri Setu Shah gave a very insightful speech on land reclamation and Water resource rejuvenation. CERC ENVIS RP organized an online poster making competition on the theme of 'Ecosystem Restoration' (standard V to X). Have a look on all the beautiful posters prepared by students.

Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat - 2021

Consumer Education and Research Centre, ENVIS’s Resource partner on “Environment Literacy –Eco-labeling & Eco-friendly Products’ in collaboration with Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board ENVIS’s hub on ‘Status of Environment and Related Issues’ is conducting a webinar CERC ENVIS is organizing an online short video/ GIF/ photo collage competition on the theme of 'Ýour Contribution towards Sustainable Living' under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat programme.

Green Skill Development Programme - 2021

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, (MoEF&CC) certified free certificate course on “Laboratory Assistant for Eco-friendly Food Testing Laboratory” and “Laboratory Technicians/Technical Assistants for Energy efficiency, Star labelling and other electrical testing for Environmental Criteria”. The Course is offered by CERC-ENVIS Resource Partner, supported by MoEF&CC, GOI under Green Skill Development Programme. Any Science Graduate except Maths & Physics may apply before 24 January 2021. CERE ENVIS successfully conducted an Inaugural ceremony for Green Skill Development Programme Certificate courses on 09.02.2021. The students enrolled regular Lectures and prectical by course In-charge and other Faclulty.


AWARENESS ABOUT OUR CONSUMER RIGHTS on 3rd January, 2021 (Sunday) at 9:00 am onwards. All these rules and regulations, rights and responsiblities regarding consumer rights will be shared in this live program by Meghavi Joshi (CAC - Deputy Manager) and Divya Namboothiri (ENVIS -Programme officer) of A non-profit, non-government body which is there for protection and promotion of consumer interests that is CERC (Consumer Education and Research Centre). so all parents and students are requested to grab this fruitful opportunity and not to miss this chance because it will save us from being cheated. We are delighted to inform that virtually we were able to reach out to more than 18,000 viewers.

A Webinar on National Consumer Day - 2020

CERC - ENVIS RP Celebrated National Consumer Day by conducting a webinar with school children of D.P. High school Ahmedabad on 24-12-2020.

A webinar on "Sharing Community - 2020

A webinar on "Sharing Community: A goal towards sustainable consumption" was successfully conducted at CERC. The objective was to make mass aware about usage of material products, energy and immaterial services in such a way that their use minimizes impacts on the environment. Dr. Gopichandran Ramachandran, Professor NTPC School of Business and Former Director at Vigyan Prasar breifly explained the importance of sustainable consumption & Mr.Mahesh Pandya Director Paryavaran Mitra share his views on responsibilities of producers & consumers. Ms. Anindita Mehata shared CERC ENVIS activities & Ms. Divya Namboothiri share past experiences of "Sharing" activities by CERC.

A workshop conducted on "Steps to make eco-friendly Floor cleaner - 2020

A workshop conducted on "Steps to make eco-friendly Floor cleaner & making of liquid hand wash from leftover pieces of soap bar at home by CERC ENVIS. Sharing sustainable practices with "HOME MAKERS" & promoting sustainable living. No waste is a WASTE.

Green Consmuer Day - 2020

Green Consumer Day is celebrated on September 28th every year to create an awareness of bringing a green and clean pollution-free environment. This day also depicts the issues and impacts of consumerism over the environment. CERC ENVIS RP is conducting an "Online Poster Making Competition" on the same.

National Consumers Week Celebration December - 2019

National Consumers Week Celebration: Awareness Programme for School students conducted by CERC officials Gujarat and Government Officials. Students were educated about Adulteration in food, Food Safety Standards, manipulation and alteration in weighing methods, Misleading Advertisements, Consumer awareness against services and products and ecolabelling and environmentally products.

Sharing Community December - 2019

Sharing Community: Children enjoying the perks of Sharing!

Green Skill Development Programme December - 2019

CERC-ENVIS RP has launched its Green Skill Development Programme Certificate Course on “Laboratory Technicians /Technical Assistants for Energy Efficiency, Star Labeling and other Electrical Testing for Environmental Criteria” and "“Laboratory Assistant for Eco-Friendly Food Testing Laboratory”. First Phase of the programme constituted of the Selection Process which had Telephonic/Skype interviews, Written Examination and Personal Interviews pics and Inaugural Function and Lactures and Valedictory Function of GSDP 2019-20

Lacture on Eco labelling schemes and Environmentally friendly Products Dantiwada Agricultural University December - 2019

Students from Dantiwada Agricultural UniversityStudents from Dantiwada Agricultural University visited CERC on 5.12.2019. Dr Ashoka Ghosh addressed the students and gave a lecture on Eco labelling schemes and Environmentally friendly Products.

A Demonstration on How to make compost November - 2019

A Demonstration on "How to make compost" by CERC-ENVIS RP team.Composting is the biological decomposition of organic waste such as food or plant material by bacteria, fungi, and other organisms under controlled aerobic conditions. The end result of composting is an accumulation of partially decayed organic matter called compost which has both environmental & commercial value. Composting

Awareness Programme October - 2019

For the awareness among communities for sustainable environment.

Green Action Fund Activity - 2019

India (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) based Consumer Education and Research Centre along with #cercenvis has started its Green Action Fund activities by targeting School Students and educating them about sustainable consumption by promoting inclusion through sharing. Inclusivity among children not only promotes sustainability but also bridges the gap between children belonging to different economic backgrounds.

Eco-friendly Ganesh September - 2019

PlasterofParis has an adverse impact on environment. So this festive, lets take a step closer to environment and opt for Eco-friendly Ganesha ! CERC-ENVIS team gave a presentation on environmental impacts of PoP's and various measures taken by people and government to curb environmentalpollution. An Ecofriendly way of making Ganesha idol using Peepal leaves and decorated with Flowers Haldi, Kumkum and Bhasm was also demonstrated.

Awareness Programme at Gujarat Commerce College, Ahmedabad July - 2019

An Outreach activity at Gujarat Commerce College, Ahmedabad on 26th July 2019. Students and faculties were made aware of our activities and objectives by CERC and CERC-ENVIS Team.

Van Mahotsav July - 2019

Van Mahotsav is an annual tree planting festival celebrated in the first week of July. During this festival thousand of trees are planted all over India. As a part of this festival, 100 trees were donated by IPMA - Indian Pump manufacturer's association. Mr Bharat Patel - ex-President (IPMA), Mr Utkarsh Chhaya - Technical Advisor and Mr Uday Mawani - CEO - CERC inaugurated the event by planting trees in CERC campus premises followed by the entire CERC employees.

World National Day June - 2019

On 5th June2019, CERC - ENVIS team conducted an in house celebration of World Environment Day with CERC staff. The programme began with a brief introduction on the objective behind the celebration of world environment day and its theme by Dr Ashoka Ghosh (ENVIS). Further, a small presentation was made by Ms Divya Namboothiri (ENVIS) on air pollution and its effect on health and the environment. The participants were requested to attend a questionnaire of 10 questions on air pollution and its effects. They were also shown three videos by the UN and MoEF&CC.Followed by a pledge to donate a tree wherein Dr Ghosh requested the participants to donate a tree and to donate raincoats and umbrellas for the underprivileged through “Aap le no Otlo” – A sharing Platform. The participants were also requested to take up #TheMaskChallenge and post their photos via social media to spread awareness on the theme. The programme concluded by a recital of a Gujarati poem on the environment by Ms Meenal Shukla (CERC Staff). From ENVIS team, all the CERC Staff members have gifted a Spider plant which is known to absorb indoor air pollution.

Awareness Programme on “Eco-labelling and Eco-Products” May - 2019

As a part of ENVIS objective on the dissemination of information on our thematic mandate, CERC - ENVIS team, conducted an in-house awareness program on “Eco-labelling and Eco-Products”. Wherein all the topics on the eco label like what does a label mean, different eco-labels of different product categories and its significance, benefits of eco-labelling schemes, greenwashing, types of eco-labels and eco products were covered. Eventually concluding the program with green tips and steps one can take at an individual level for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Around 80 students from The Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad and 7 members from the Rotary Club attended the program on different days in the month of May.

National Review Meet April - 2019

A National Review Meet was organized by ENVIS Secretariat, on Tuesday 2nd of April,2019 at MoEF&CC, Jor Bagh, New Delhi. Representatives from all the ENVIS centres showcased their activities and knowledge products. Shri C.K Mishra Secretary, MoEF&CC, inaugurated the exhibition.Dr. Anandi Subramaniam Principal Advisor felicitated all the ENVIS centre coordinators with a certificate of appreciation. From CERC ENVIS, Dr Ashoka Ghosh Programme Officer and Ms Divya Namboothiri participated in the event.

World Consumer Day Right Day - 2019

To celebrate World Consumer Rights Day CERC along with CERCENVIS Resource Partner organised a programme for school students. They were briefed about the importance of WCRD and the activities of the ENVIS Project. Made them aware of the importance of eco-friendly life. They were also briefed about the major consumer grievances that CERC receives and initiatives taken by CERC in consumer interest. The ConsumersInternational WCRD theme this year focuses on ‘Trusted Smart Products’ and consumer organizations around the world are campaigning to improve the security, data, consumer protection and accessibility of smart products.

World Consumer Day Right Day - 2018

CERC-ENVIS Resource partner celebrated World Consumer Rights Week (13-16 March 2018) to mark World Consumer Rights Day which falls on March 15 by joining a global campaign calling for fairer digital marketplaces. We have orgainsed a Posters Competitions. and Slogan Competitions.

World Wetlands Day – 2018

World Wetlands Day (WWD) is celebrated every year on 2nd February to commemorate the signing of the International Treaty, ‘Ramsar Convention on Wetlands –1971’ for the conservation of wetlands at the global level. India is also a party to the Convention since 1982 and has so far identified 26 wetlands as Ramsar sites across the country covering 15 states.


CERC-ENVIS RP celebrates World Wetlands Day. We have distributed posters in black & white and asked them to colour.