An Ecolabel is basically a label, which distinguishes a product (i.e. good or service) on its environmental preference within a product category based on life cycle consideration. An impartial third party awards an ecolabel to a product in contrast to self-created environmental symbol or claim statement specified by manufacturer or service provider to meet eco criteria.


Ecolabelling is only a kind of environmental labelling that informs the consumers about the relative environmental quality of the product. There are many different eco labels being used around the world. Ecolabelling is now a very useful tool to encourage environmental practices for governments and to identify and establish markets i.e. domestic and international for industries to promote their environmentally preferable products. Many countries have adopted some kind of eco mark, while others are considering program development.


A product with ecolabel (goods or services) complies with environment without harming the nature. So Eco products are environment friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable products.