| Last Updated: 28/05/2023

17 Product Categories for Indian Ecomark

In 1991, Government of India launched its first eco-label, known as ‘Eco-mark’ through Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) that follows a cradle-to-grave approach (from raw material extraction, to manufacturing, and to disposal) and advocates pro-active and promotional roles of the consumers, the industry, and the government at one platform to address environmental protection issues and to implement environmental protection strategy. The ECO Logo along with ISI Mark on a product indicates that the product meets certain Environmental criteria along with the Quality requirements as specified in the relevant Indian Standard.


The Government of India has notified the final criteria for the following 17 product categories:

  • Architectural Paints and Powder Coating

  • Beverages, Infant Foods, Processed Fruits and Vegetables Products

  • Coir and Coir Products

  • Cosmetics

  • Dry Cell Batteries & Automotive Lead Acid Batteries

  • Edible Oils, Tea and Coffee

  • Electrical/Electronic Goods

  • Finished Leather

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Food Additives

  • Lubricants Coatings

  • Packaging Materials/Package: Paper, Paper Boards Including Laminates

  • Paper

  • Plastic Products

  • Soaps & Detergents

  • Textiles Department

  • Wood Substitutes